Lamborghini revealed the first rear-wheel drive Huracan, the slightly less powerful LP580-2 at the LA Auto Show just two weeks ago. But this prototype isn’t one of those.


The few spy shots appearing over at Huracan Talk show Lambo’s smaller supercar packing a massive rear wing and wide wheel arches just like their awesome GT3 racing car. Could we be looking at a road legal version?

When Lamborghini CEO Stefan Winkelmann confirmed that they won’t build a Huracan with a manual gearbox, he also mentioned that there could be a more powerful rear-wheel drive car in the pipeline that’s priced above the entry-level 580-2. While the detuned version is aimed at McLaren’s brilliant 570S, a more powerful car with aggressive aero could be faster than a Ferrari 488. And Lamborghini needs to have something against the 488. That could be the Huracan Superveloce, or SV.

Lamborghini waited five years before upgrading the Miura to SV specifications in 1971. The same goes for the Diablo, with the SV hitting the streets in 1995. The Murcielago’s swan song appeared eight years after the first car, while for the Aventador SV, you only had to wait for four.


Since the Huracan went into production last year and the LP580-2 will be a 2017 model, they might just bring out the SV for 2018 to follow the Aventador’s lead. Looks like a blast already.

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Photo credit: Huracan Talk


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