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Built in Belfast beginning in 1965 and delivered to the thankfully-decomissioned RUC (who once committed the entirely unpardonable sin of interrupting a rock session of ours) and then handed over to the thankfully now-disbanded UDR β€” and its descendants, the Royal Irish Regiment, one of whose gunhavers pointed a rifle at us for trying to fix a seatbelt in a DAF-derived vehicle β€” the Shorland was a shorthand symbol for British force-projection in the Six Counties during the Troubles and the flare-ups in its aftermath.

It was also a much safer place for soldiers than your Joe McSchmoe Landie, with its Birmabright aluminum-alloy sheetmetal replaced with light armor to keep out small-arms fire. Oh, and it has a turret, too. Although the Shorland's time in Norn Iron is through, it won't soon be forgotten.

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