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Antrim is truly one of the most beautiful places we've ever been. The summer light shines golden over unbelievably verdant rolling hills and glens, nary is heard a discouraging word (except a grumpy farmer busting his knuckles on his tractor engine), and the skies kinda do whatever the hell they want. Apparently, so do a group of young rogues who heist automobiles for "rallying about" and then set the torch to 'em when they're done. A local Sinn Fein leader says, "This sort of thing has been going on for some time all over north Antrim. We have raised it at council before and I would ask the young people to arrange with the council to lift the vehicles instead of burning them." We guess that's because they're used to the IRA modus operandi of informing the authorities before one 'splodes something.

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