The LaFerrari is already on the streets, and that means people are now trying to sell them 'used' at a huge markup. This one in Germany is listed at 2.38 million Euros, or about $3.24 million USD. Is it for real?


SEMCO GmbH in Munich claims to be selling the car. It's listed with 200km on the clock, which is easy to believe. It's also listed with a combined economy of 11L/100km (about 21MPG), which is hard to believe.

CarScoops points out that you can buy a LaFerrari from the factory for about $1.77 million, though that's easier said than done. According to its commemorative plate, this is car number one of 499, which does not actually designate it as the first LaFerrari.


With cars like a LaFerrari, particularly the first one ever made, it's common that a company would make its owners sign an agreement not to sell their cars immediately after buying them. That way the cars are bought by real owners and not speculators. And it's also reasonably common for sites to claim to sell too-good-to-be-true exotica, like the Internet's most exotic car dealer. With that in mind, do you think this 950 horsepower hybrid is for real?


You can see the whole listing and more pictures right here on SEMCO's page.

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