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Is This The Cadillac ATS Sport Wagon?

Illustration for article titled Is This The Cadillac ATS Sport Wagon?

Many sources declared that the ATS wagon was cancelled, but what is this Cadillac prototype, shod in ATS wheels? It looks to us like it could be the ATS wagon we've dreamed of.


Jalopnik reader Kyle Lackey found a parking lot with a pair of ATS prototypes and a covered CTS on his way to get some breakfast in Denver. He came back that night and found a number of covered GM prototypes, including this covered wagon.


Cadillac will not comment on any of these pictures, but it's possible that we're looking at a CTS wagon, given that it's next to what appears to be a CTS sedan. That car has the same rims as the CTS prototype Car and Driver showed off.

Illustration for article titled Is This The Cadillac ATS Sport Wagon?

ATS or CTS, this wagon has us drooling. A distinctive American longroof is always welcome in the Jalopnik offices.

Kyle also saw that CTS prototype that morning and gives a better look at its Ciel-esque front end. We straight-up love the Ciel, so this is a good thing.


Photo Credit: Kyle Lackey/Jalopnik

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Ash78, voting early and often

I wonder if "FRONT" on that car cover is more of a practical guideline for the car's handlers, or a scathing criticism of bland, overly-symmetrical modern sedan design.