Is This The Born-From-Jets LP640-Based Lamborghini Concept Car For Frankfurt?

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

We've already been wondering what the scoop is on the supposed $1 million-plus LP640-based concept car we'll be seeing here at the Frankfurt Auto Show from the Italian stallions over at Lamborghini. We knew it was going to be "based on a jet fighter" and born from jets like both Saab and Bob Lutz, so it stands to reason that the shots we've procured of an LP640 showing off a very jet-like camo paint job must be said concept. We just never knew it'd be so cheesy. [via VWVortex]

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Al Navarro

I heard this comes with the sunroof decal option.


You know someone guy is going to do one up just like it and start putting his "kills" in Prancing Horses and Stuttgart crests on the side. Yeah, because that's how he rolls....