Lamborghini Confirms "Very Expensive" Limited-Edition Sports Car For Frankfurt Auto Show

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While speaking to Philipp Encz and Chad Thomas from Bloomberg News and other members of the Euro auto press today about the 25% uptick in sales at VW's Lamborghini brand for the first eight months of the year, Lambo president Stephan Winkelmann confirmed that yes, the rumors we've been hearing about are in fact true. There will be a limited-edition sports car unveiling from the bull-brand at the Frankfurt Auto Show in two weeks. The rumored price of $1 million? That hasn't yet been confirmed — but it also wasn't denied. Our sources tell us his response to the question was:

"I can confirm those rumors, but at this stage I will have to make you wait until the Franfurt Auto Show, where we will release more details...I can't confirm the price at this stage, but it will be very expensive indeed."

We're still going to be operating under the assumption it'll follow our initial tip that the car's going to cost upwards of $1.5 million and be like some kind of love child between a LP640 and a jet fighter. We've also learned that In addition to the news about the super-rare Lambo unveiling, we're also told Winkelmann told the press folks enthusiasts shouldn't expect an LM002 follow-up or four-door anytime soon. We guess we'll be showing you some hot and expensive Lambo action for you in Frankfurt in a mere two weeks time.

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Color me underwhelmed, at least until the specs come out for certain. I used to be a huge Countach fan in the 80's, but ever since I've been dismayed to see Ferrari innovate and design one luscious model after another, yet Lambo has rarely evolved beyond the Gallardo and boring out their V12's to within an inch of their lives. Sure, they're still monster attention-getters, but they seemed to have resigned to their underdog status and have yet to come up with the sort of lustworthy vehicles Maranello seems to crank out on a regular basis. Has their lack of racing involvement permanently sidelined them as a hyper-exotic muscle car manufacturer? Honestly, I'm not sure what they offer over a 600-hp Viper.