Is This Asscramp Pointing A Gun At A Motorcyclist For Real?

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It's hard to tell if this video is depicting a real event, or a strange little work of theater made just to generate views. This showed up on CarScoops, who were skeptical, and, frankly, we are too. Still, it's possible this strange altercation in Fultondale, AL actually happened.

It seems to have started because of some unseen interaction between the Nissan Murano driver and the motorcyclist in what we're later told is "bumper to bumper" traffic. The guy brandishing the .45 is dressed like the bad guy in any number of '80s teen movies, and seems to be taking a certain glee in brandishing his gun.

What makes us a little skeptical is the cyclists insistence on arguing with a man pointing a gun at him, when he could have so easily walked, oh, four feet in either direction to be out of the path of any possible bullets.


The gun-waving jackass' constant half-smile is also sort of a giveaway.

Maybe someone who knows more about guns than I do can tell us if there's anything odd about the weapon, or confirm that it's actually real? Anyone from the area? The video's description states

Some fucking retard pulled a gun on him after he brake checked him twice, this all happened right in front of Fultondale AL police department. 5 witnesses called 911 during this not a single officer responded even though they were couple feet away.


So there may be some 911 records if it happened, even if a cop never showed up.

Anyway, I hope it's just some dumb stunt and not real. Because if it's real, that's just depressing.