Is This 700 Horsepower 4WD BMW M3 The Craziest E30 Ever Built?

What happens when you strap an F1-sized turbo to a 1980s BMW M3, fit it with four wheel drive, and race it on a half dirt/half tarmac rallycross course? You get what could be the nuttiest E30 ever made.


This is at Brands Hatch back in 1988, when rallycross was filled with rally cars banned from proper stage rally for being too fast. This gives you an example of what that meant.

There's a Group B Metro 6R4, but it can't come close to matching Norwegian Arild Martinsen's M3. That is, whenever Martinsen can get his car to stop incinerating its rear tires.


I know there's a 931 horsepower turbo E30 drag racer out right now (also Scandinavian-built in Sweden), but is it as mad as its bouncing, sideways Norwegian uncle?

(Hat tip to GrindIntoSecond!)

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This is Brands Hatch, not Lydden Hill.