Yesterday's "Question Of The Day" struck your obvious repressed displeasure with new gar gimmickry nerve. So, is there a new car feature you actually like?

The absolutely best new car feature we'd demand on every performance car is the built-in G-meter and acceleration timer. They've been available on the C6 Corvette Z06 and every variation of the SRT Dodge/Chrysler performance vehicles since the SRT8 Challenger debuted, and they allow the driver to track 0-60, 1/8-mile, 1/4-mile, and lateral acceleration so you can fine-tune the performance of your car without dangerously thumbing around with an iPod. It'll also record your stats so you can review it later and avoid missing a shift or driving off the road. Using the display in the car and the vehicle's built-in sensors it saves the weight and cost of a driftbox.

Admit it, you've given into technology before. What new car feature do you secretly like?

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