New cars are loaded with features designed to sell new cars and keep old products fresh. WIth few exceptions, most of these "improvements" are crap. What's the most pointless car feature?

The air-cooled beverage holders in new cars are ridiculous, almost never work, and are a waste of space and air-conditioning. They offer this as the "Chill Zone" in certain Dodge products above the glove compartment and it's a total joke. It keeps cold drinks cool at best and, if you leave a soda in there and park the car in the sun it's likely to explode. If you're going to do a fridge — and by the way, you don't actually need to do a fridge — do something like the compressed liquid-cooled fridge/freezer in the Flex. Otherwise, please stop your gimmickry and make a better car instead.

As a bad Jerry Seinfeld impersonator might say: who are the ad wizards who came up with that one?

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