Is The Volvo V60 Polestar A Driver's Car?

There's no doubt the "I'm-afraid-I-just-blue-myself" blue Volvo V60 Polestar is the sort of car auto-journalist's dreams are made of, but is it any good to drive?


In this video, Autocar's Steve Sutcliffe takes to their track to find out how the 350 HP, AWD wagon stacks up. Overall, the V60 performs admirably well, its performance falling between an Audi S4 and the RS4. The car is equipped with Haldex AWD which could theoretically send 100% of the power to the front or back, though Sutcliffe notes the car feels FWD with a bit more traction. There's a bit of understeer, but overall it's a well handling car.


Sutcliffe gives the V60 Polestar the official U.K. auto-journalist badge of honor, calling it a "proper" driver's car. Unfortunately, Volvo is only bringing 120 V60 Polestars to the US, but hopefully this wont be the last we hear of Polestar. I'll have mine in blue, please.

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Tom McParland

I was pretty hot to get a V60 R-design for awhile. Then two things dampened my enthusiasm. First Car and Driver was not terribly impressed with how it stacked up against some other wagons. That being said the Polestar seems to address the shortcomings of the V60-R. However all of this is secondary to a more important issue, everyday on my commute I enjoy rowing my own gears. Despite the V60's great looks, quality and speed...I'm just not ready to give up the 3rd pedal.