Is the Porsche Panamera Diesel Fast Enough To Be Called A Porsche?

It seems we've been talking about diesels a lot this week, and there's none more controversial than the Porsche Panamera. A large, oil-fired sedan wearing the seal of the stud farm of "stuotgarten"? The mind absolutely boggles.


This week on Chris Harris on Cars, Chris addresses why the Panamera diesel makes people froth with anger. It's ugly, and it isn't fast enough, those people say. And so, he runs the numbers on 0-60, quarter-mile and top speed to see if mathematics might make the case.

Naturally, the real test is sideways driving, and what would an 'arris video be without a bit of the old sponge pudding. Or is that the old to and fro? The old slap and slide?

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