Is The Kia Cross GT Another Pointless Luxury Crossover Coupe?

Kia has been working to recreate its image over the last few years. With a whole new lineup and styling buzzwords like "tiger nose" they have been on a mostly successful rampage.

So far, I've been a fan of pretty much everything that has been released. And then we have this: The Kia Cross GT. Kia, you were doing so well!


From what I can tell from this INCREDIBLY detailed drawing is that the Cross GT has four doors, a sloping roofline, and a tiger nose. It looks like it could be Kia's competitor to high volume sellers like the outrageously gorgeous BMW X6 and the now discontinued Acura ZDX, a car that was so popular Acura had to stop making them because they wanted someone else to have a chance.

I have to say that I do like the tiger nose and the narrow headlights. It's sinisterly attractive. Or attractively sinister. It's something.

The Cross GT will make its debut at the Chicago Auto Show next month as a concept. That means they might build it for real.

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