Is The Jaguar F-Type SVR Good Enough To Take Down The Corvette Grand Sport?

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I’ll give 2016 credit for this, at least: the cars sure were good. Among the best sports cars that dropped this year were the Corvette Grand Sport, boasting a mighty all-American naturally aspirated 460 horsepower, and the Jaguar F-Type SVR, a supercharged loud noises machine with 575 horses. So which is better?


That’s the question asked in this Roadshow America vs. Britain comparison test, which pits a Z07 performance package Grand Sport against a beefier but louder and more power F-Type SVR.

The F-Type, despite being a two-seater, has always erred more on the side of being a grand tourer than a sports car. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great, and one of my personal favorites. But most of the time, everything it can do, a Corvette Stingray can do better and for cheaper.


So if there’s any F-Type that can take down the Corvette, it’s the top-shelf, extra loud, extra powerful SVR. And in this test, somewhat surprisingly, the Jag does come out on top, despite its extra weight, bigger price tag and inferior handling dynamics on track. But these hosts agree the SVR is the more “special” one to have. (It had better be, considering the base price is $125,000, and a Grand Sport starts at almost half that.)

As an American, I feel a duty to point out that had they tested the SVR against a Z06, this fight would have gone another way. Probably.

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I may be the only person that thinks that the F type is not an attractive looking car. Sure, it’s got some good points, but it’s styled almost as massively as it is heavy, and it’s very deceptive considering its actual smallness. And I don’t like the front end treatment at all.

But yeah, it shouldn’t lose to a 40% cheaper Corvette if “specialness” is going to be a criterion of judgement.