This almost feels like a deleted scene from True Detective, with Matt McConaughey reprising his role as Rust Cohle to sell Lincolns instead of mind-spelunking the depths of madness while searching for grim Carcosa. I'm not sure it actually sells any cars, but it's engaging to watch.

There's the the rumpled shirt and askew tie, the world-weary tone of a man who's seen too much, and all that strange foggy intensity that made Cohle great to watch.

And there's that bull. Staring.

Here's the thing: the car here could literally be any car at all. A new Lincoln MKC, a Crown Vic, a Triumph Herald, anything. The only actual driving that happens is a slow U-turn, which still manages to merit the "closed course" text at the bottom, just in case any of you are fool enough to attempt a 2MPH U-turn on a totally empty road.

I enjoyed watching this tiny little one-act play. Maybe I came away with slightly more respect for, if not Lincoln, their ad agency? Do these sorts of oblique ads work?


Maybe. If you're going for an ad for your luxury brand that's arty or just conveys some vague "mood" or "tone," I prefer this to the overwrought film school crap we usually get.

So, okay, Lincoln — you made an interesting ad. Now all you need is an interesting car!