Lamborghini sent out a cryptic teaser the other day regarding a new car they're about to show. And now, says it'll be called 'Asterion,' which is a mythological name for a half bull/half human hybrid. And we bet this car uses electricity too.

Whether the Asterion is a concept or a production car isn't known yet, but it seems to make sense that a hybrid system would be on the cards for Lamborghini, considering that Ferrari, Porsche, and McLaren have all used hybrids to increase performance by leaps and bounds. says Lamborghini trademarked the Asterion name and logo for the upcoming car, and the bull/man hybrid makes a lot of sense with the company's naming scheme. Another theory is that 'Asterion' could just be the name of the hybrid system, and then they'd apply it to their cars where they see fit as an additional trim level.


Or maybe Lamborghini has developed a half bull/half human that they will sell for people to hunt for sport. Most dangerous game, y'know.

We'll find out for real in a few weeks.

Hat tip to @_domUnique_!