Is Forza The Only Place To Drift The Hennessey Venom GT?

John Hennessey, who builds the monstrous 1,200-horespower Venom GT, sent us this video of a gamer hooning up one of his cars in Fourza. The track action is awesome, but his explanation for the video is even more interesting.

John wrote,

At a cost of around $1m USD and with only 6 Venom GT's in existence (we are starting our 7th build right now), we will not be doing any real world track drifting anytime soon. Unless one of our clients chooses to do so. It's nice to see some impressive driving by some of the gamers out there. Tanner Foust watch out!


We can't wait for some pro driver (or some pea-brained car writer) to get a Venom GT sideways IRL. Until then, we'll just have to soak up this digital dorifto.

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I'm guessing you meant Forza?