Is Ferrari Testing Their New F1 Engine In A LaFerrari?

Next season, F1 loses the manic high-pitched V8s for some turbo action. Testing of the engines on dynos has been well under way, but is Ferrari testing their engine in the back of a LaFerrari? Hopefully it's not the LaFerrari that crashed earlier today.


This video was on the Autosport forums, and it shows a LaFerrari at Fiorano, but it doesn't sound V12-ey at all. Instead, it sounds rather like there is forced induction involved here. The low growl of the engine isn't at all like we've heard from the LaFerrari thus far, which is a mellifluous symphony of 12 prancing horse cylinders.

What do you think? Is this an F1 testbed or is it just broken?

Hat Tip to Jim!

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