The Ferrari LaFerrari Sounds Like A Screaming Snarling Animal

We knew that the Ferrari LaFerrari's 963 horsepower hybrid motor would sound good, we just didn't know how good. Luckily, the always on-point Marchettino was on site at Ferrari's Fiorano test track to catch a development mule tearing across the track. It's the music of the gods.


The engine starts off with a growl, then a snarl, then a wail, then a scream. It's absolutely beautiful, in a way that only big Italian V12s can be.


Now if only the name wasn't so silly.

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Victorious Secret

That's kinda pathetic...

Exhibit A:

I didn't pick the One-77 because I wanted to keep it fair for Ferrari to come up with something that should sound like a V12 should, especially a Ferrari V12.