Is Chevrolet Planning An Even Cheaper "Budget Corvette" Coupe?

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Pricing hasn't yet been announced for the upcoming 2014 Corvette, but if it's anything like the outgoing Corvette C6, it will start around $50,000. But there's a possibility that Chevrolet is working on an even less expensive "budget Corvette."

According to this report from an unnamed source in Motor Trend, Chevrolet is working on bargain Corvette that won't be called Stingray. They claim it will simply be dubbed the Corvette Coupe.

Don't worry, 'Vette purists — they say it will still have a V8, just a smaller 5.3-liter mill with under 400 horsepower. And that will supposedly come with a lesser price tag than the Stingray as well.


While I'm a bit skeptical of this report, I do hope it becomes a reality. If you're willing to cope with the Corvette's shoddy interior and sometimes-questionable build quality (two things that are going away with the new C7), the car has always been a tremendous performance bargain. Anything that gets that performance into the hands of enthusiasts for even less money is alright by me.

Also, a "budget Corvette" that still performs well could help move the 'Vette away from the old, fat, bald guy demographic. If this gets younger drivers into Corvettes, it could be a win for GM and everyone else who likes to drive fast.

What about you guys? Any interest in a 'Vette for less?

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Corvette on a budget? The Camaro would like to have a word with you

Hear me out. I understand the two vehicles are two different models on two different platforms, but isn't what's stated in the article, is pretty much what the Camaro tries to accomplish?

From what I recall, ticking boxes on the Camaro's options list can reach the $50,000 mark and can even surpass it. I do also understand they do handle differently. However, I believe they do share similar engines and even transmissions (The LS motor family is quite confusing to follow). Maybe the suspension is different as well? But could GM be stepping on it's own toes?

If I'm completely wrong, do set me in my ways. Anyone have any other insight on the differences? It just sounds like the two models are inching closer and closer to each other.