Iraqis Importing Civilian Hummers

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The sale of imported Hummer H3 SUVs have, counterintuitively, exploded in Baghdad. Despite representing the occupying American military, the psuedo-masculine appearance and bright colors have made Iraq one of the few booming markets for Hummer.


Ali al-Hilli and his brother began importing H3s about a year ago. Though sales were slow at first, the two started driving them around as a way to advertise the non-Humvee Hummer product.

"We couldn't go a block without people stopping us to ask, 'What is it?' " Mr. Hilli said. "We looked like astronauts from outer space." Since then they've sold approximately 20 H3s at a cost of $50 to $60K, compared to the $34K MSRP. Fire engine red and p***y magnet yellow are, not surprisingly, the most popular colors.

Instead of buying Hummers, maybe Iraq should just buy Hummer.

[New York Times]



What blows my mind is that there are people in Iraq constantly complaining about how terrible their quality of life is as a result of the US Occupation. It's apparently so bad that they can afford to go out and buy a vehicle the 20% of the US population can't afford to buy.

Don't get me wrong, I was against the while Iraq thing from the beginning, but that doesn't mean these asswipes are going to get any pity from me for that one.