Intelligent Cars Drink Less Gas Than Hybrids!

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Some Aussie engineers have found that setting up a network of sensors in the urban driving environment and rigging cars to respond to traffic flows by optimizing speeds will cause an ordinary pure-internal-combustion vehicle to beat the fuel economy of an "unintelligent" gasoline-electric hybrid car over the same course. The drawback? Big Brother drives your car for you! We wonder what would happen with a mix of intelligent and unintelligent cars on the same streets, not to mention how much road rage would be triggered when Big Brother says your car will catch all the green lights at an optimum velocity of 3.7 miles per hour.

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boost in, apex seals out

As much as I hate to concede any ground to those who want to automate driving, I can see a voluntary technology like this as beneficial to both commuters and enthusiasts.

Imagine HOV-style lanes set up for 'intelligent cars' on highways and busy roads. In addition to fuel savings, computer controlled throttle and (presumably) steering would allow for more dense traffic flows, freeing up the 'dumb' lanes for local traffic and enthusiasts.

On the flip side, I'm imagining how bone-gnawingly awful it would be to end up stuck in a world of auto-driving cars. I suppose the only joy would come from defeating the system on your car and weaving through the herd of cars on the highway, which would presumably react defensively by slowing down once you intruded into their lane.

Take a pre-brainwashing Evo IX into that flock of sheep and watch them all spill their coffee. Better get one to hide in the garage just in case...