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Five years since Volkswagen showed off its 222 mpg "1-Liter Car" concept (shown), the company is apparently recommitting to the 200+ mpg project. Board chair Ferdinand Pi ch says it can be done — that advances in materials and a reduction in associated costs have put plans for a super-efficient small Volkswagen back on the table. According to Pi ch, one supplier says the components can be had for around $6,775, not $47,400 as had been calculated. Of course, the 1-Liter concept was powered by an 8.5-horsepower, 299 cc one-cylinder engine, while anything built for the marketplace would likely have to come in a bit higher on all those specs to be viable. But if V-dub can build a car with a quad-turbocharged W16 that can hit 250 mph, they can also build one with a warp-driven Q3-cylinder with 500 mpg should be a walk in the Berchtesgaden.

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