Volkswagen Revives 200-mpg Car Project

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Five years since Volkswagen showed off its 222 mpg "1-Liter Car" concept (shown), the company is apparently recommitting to the 200+ mpg project. Board chair Ferdinand Pi ch says it can be done — that advances in materials and a reduction in associated costs have put plans for a super-efficient small Volkswagen back on the table. According to Pi ch, one supplier says the components can be had for around $6,775, not $47,400 as had been calculated. Of course, the 1-Liter concept was powered by an 8.5-horsepower, 299 cc one-cylinder engine, while anything built for the marketplace would likely have to come in a bit higher on all those specs to be viable. But if V-dub can build a car with a quad-turbocharged W16 that can hit 250 mph, they can also build one with a warp-driven Q3-cylinder with 500 mpg should be a walk in the Berchtesgaden.


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@motorcycle: I was just being funny - and it was a reference to the 5-year-old design that appears above, not the current efforts.

I'm absolutely a fan of small displacement efficiency - not when it looks like a lump of shit so much, but when styled properly I'm ready to sign up. I agree that car folks are obsessed with displacement - most of which they will never use. That's one reason styling is important. If you want people to switch to more eco-friendly designs, you have to make them look cool. And they have to be as drivable as the standard sedan that Americans have grown to love. At least if it's going to be adopted in the United States where a single car has to be going on the daily commute and the weekend family vacation and the trips to the grocery store.

I personally think that the future is in small-displacement hybrids where the power to the wheels is all-electric, but I'm no engineer.

PS I'm a former VFRer myself.