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There is a part of us that thinks that the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo might possibly be the greatest car available today. Its performance belies its price. If you haven't been in one, get in one. Sure, the styling borders on the retarded and the interior is sheer crap. But Sweet Jesus on a Turbonique pogo stick in minimal-gravity conditions, once you're in the wheel, you simply don't care. You don't care about the dorky wing. You don't care about the chintzy plastics. All you care about is that this hypertuned shitbox goes, stops and turns like very little on the road today. And all of those cars cost way more money.


Peter Lyon took the latest iteration out for a spin on the streets and tracks of Nihon and came black glowing. We are in no way shocked. Dear Mitsubishi, there are two things you must do. One, make all of your cars as good as the Evo. Two, bring back the Starion. Do that, and you will thrive. That is all.

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