I would rather not have any kind of crash in an older Honda Civic, but these two rally competitors walked away from a huge high speed multiple rollover into a forest. Here's how it happened and why they're proud.


I saw this video of Argon Racing at this year's Pacific Forest Rally over the weekend pop up on the great r/rally. Here's their description of the four-rotation rollover.

We had a lot of fun at Pacific forest rally this year, Comstock-Kane was an amazing stage and we naturaly just got into the flow of things. My eyes took over, and a deceptive crest caught us off guard.

Alot went through my mind as we rolled down the road, but what I thought about most was the amount of time and effort I put into this little green honda that I love. Its unfortunate that the rally ended this way. We both walked away safe which is the most important, and feeling proud of the extra effort I put in which paid dividends in maintaining our saftey.

I'm looking forward to re-shelling the car, making it better, stronger and safer.


These guys could not have a better attitude. Hopefully they end up back on the stages soon.

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