Initial D has been a manga, it’s been anime, it’s been games, it’s even been a live-action feature film. But throughout all of those different media, it was missing something. Something smart. Special. Something beautiful. It was missing a little thing I like to call GOVERNMENT TRANSPARENCY.

The New York City Conflict of Interests Board is the municipal agency charged with making sure that city employees are living and working ethical lives, and they are in full compliance with the city’s Conflicts of Interest Law, Annual Disclosure Law, and Lobbyist Gift Law.


As you would expect from such a portion of the government bureaucracy responsible for such a solemn task, it has one of, if not The Realest, municipal government Twitter accounts. And today, it showed us the Initial D we’ve all been waiting for.

The one about financial disclosure forms for city government employees.

Heel, toe, downshift, FINANCIAL DISCLOSURES.

The transparency.... it’s beautiful!

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