Initial D Cookies Exist And They Taste Absolutely Horrible

Have you ever wished that you could enjoy some tasty cookies and pay homage to your favorite Japanese street racing anime, all at the same time? Someone in Japan must have decided that this market exists, because Initial D cookies are a thing and they’re everything we dreamed of and more—except for the cookie part.

No, no I won’t.

I got clued in on this awesome set of baked goods thanks to a friend who received them as a gift from Japan. After a bit of research, I found out that not only are there Initial D cookies but Initial D papercraft, caramels of different flavors and Initial D Choco Crunch Balls.

For this particular set of cookies, you get 12 pieces with either Takumi’s AE86, Ryosuke’s Mazda RX-7 FC3S and Keisuke’s yellow RX-7 FD3S printed on each cookie. Plus, you get a Project D sticker, although I’m fairly sure that’s not edible.

I asked my friend how good the cookies actually taste, and the news is not good. Turns out they don’t taste all that great. According to him, they are:

Not so delicious. they taste like slightly sweetened cardboard.

They look like a brand of cookies that just does custom prints, and Initial D was one of them to be honest. More of a novelty item than an actual delicious cookie. Unfortunately not as exciting as Initial D.


So that’s a bit of a bummer. But other than that, everything else seems pretty top notch. There’s the awesome box art, the presentation of it all, and confections printed with actual cars on them.

If only they actually tasted good, these would be a home run in our book.

If you still want some, good luck. I scoured eBay and Amazon to no avail, and the only website I could find that has these rare cookies for sale shows no inventory.


So if you’ve really got the hankering for some mediocre cookies with Initial D prints, or just want to add to your perishable Initial D collectibles, you’ll either have to actually go to Japan or ask a someone who lives there to source them for you.

At any rate, unlike some of the cars on that show, America isn’t missing much with these things.


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