INFOGRAPHIC: How Do The World's Race Cars Compare With Each Other?

Are you tired of being accosted in the street by panicked people demanding to know how many pounds-feet of torque an Indy Car has or the top speed of a NASCAR Sprint Car? Me, too. So I made this chart to solve this for all of us.

What we've got for you here is a handy chart, suitable for forearm tattooing, that covers all six major racing series (well, five and LeMons, but that one's important to me, at least) and lists the main specs of an average car in each series.


Now, when you're trying to decide whether to take your WRC car or your F1 car out for a spin, you can finally make an informed decision, instead of just relying on whichever one's not blocked in the driveway by your autogyro and your summer hovercraft.

As with all things motorsports, there are caveats and cars that are better (or worse) than what's listed. This is meant to be a generalized crib sheet. Also, for costs of certain cars (F1 especially), the total team costs have to be used, since it's almost impossible to get the costs of the car alone without all the support needed, which makes it look a lot more expensive than, say, a LeMons car.

So, enjoy! Remember you can click on 'enlarge' to make it much bigger, and then copy it locally and do whatever you want with/to it! Whatever you want.


UPDATE: There's errors. We fixed.

(Thanks to David for doing the boring research part)

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