Infiniti’s New Electric Crossover Concept Looks Like the Company's Smooth Future

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We live in a strange era, where both the fifth-generation Toyota Supra and an electric crossover concept from Infiniti are scheduled to debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January. One is the revival of an old great, and the other is a look into the future of cars—a future that seems to be full of light-up brand logos.


Infiniti teased the electric crossover concept on Friday, saying in a press release that the concept will show off “a new form design language for electrification” from the company. That design language—like every other carmaker’s, it seems—will include light-up logos all over.

It’s a fine idea, until the lights start going out and the vehicle looks like a Waffle House sign that, from the highway, now reads as “WA LE HO E.” A good look, indeed, for everyone.

Infiniti didn’t say much about the concept, other than that its new electrified platforms are a “fresh approach to what crossover and sedan platforms look like.” That means, according to Infiniti, new exterior proportions and “spacious ... lounge-like interiors” with a whole lot of technology inside. The crossover concept also looks to have a fake grille up front in the teaser photo, as well as what appear to be side cameras instead of mirrors.

Like plenty of other car companies, Infiniti plans to put electric technology all throughout its lineup within the next few years. The company announced in January that all new models after 2021 “will either be all-electric vehicles or will rely on the parent company’s new range-extending electric motor-powered technology called ePower,” which is an electric powertrain with a small, three-cylinder gasoline engine there to recharge the batteries.

But, like all concepts, this crossover that debuts next month will just be a look into what’s going on in the minds of Infiniti designers. The actual production versions of this vehicle and the rest of Infiniti’s electric car lineup will be more toned down, and perhaps a little less lit up.

Fewer lights, if we’re honest here, would probably be a good thing in terms of warranty claims and customers driving into the dealership with “F IT” shining brightly across the front of their new electric vehicle.

Staff writer, Jalopnik


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