In Russia, VAZ Make Cheap Car For YOU!

With all that land mass and all those people, Russia is expected to be the largest car market in Europe within a few years. And what do the proud people of Russia want? Cheap, honest transportation; a "people's car." Well that's exactly what Russia automaker AvtoVAZ wants to give them. Since most of these consumers are not going to be shopping for the likes of an Audi R8 or a custom SUV, AvtoVAZ (known to us as the maker of Ladas) wants to bring a car to market with a price tag of about $6000. According to AvtoVAZ head Boris Aleshin,

"We need to produce a new very cheap car model costing around $US six- seven thousand but not more than $US 7.3 thousand, and probably there will be several budget models,"


While this seems downright expensive compared to the named by Apple built in India Tata Nano, it should be cheap enough to attract consumers who would otherwise buy a used car and/or non-Russian marque.

[via Russia Today]

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