In Russia, Public Streets Make Donuts for YOU!

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You have to respect a guy who owns an expensive high-performance car and isn't afraid to drive on salty winter roads. Locking your supercar in the garage for the winter just because you don't want it to get dirty deprives you of enjoying the most fun driving conditions of the whole year. There's snowy roads, icy roads, and then theres wet-'n-salty roads! Ok, so your typical Beverly Hills supercar owner wouldn't dream of ever driving in anything worse than partly cloudy conditions. But in Mother Russia, who cares?! Go ahead and drive your Audi R8 in the winter! It's got Quattro, use it! Abuse it! Can't find an empty parking lot to hoon around in? Do donuts in the middle of a public street! Oncoming traffic? In Russia, traffic stops for YOU!

Regard for public safety is on notice.