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In Case You've Ever Wanted to Watch a Food Truck Explode Out of Existence, Here You Go

If you’ve never had the chance to eat at Eugene, Oregon’s Buck Buck Food Cart, which looks like it serves some exciting fried chicken, I’m afraid you may have missed your window. If, on the other hand, you’ve never seen a food cart spontaneously explode into nothingness, then I have better news for you, because that’s exactly what this mobile restaurant did yesterday. Luckily, no one was hurt.

As you can see from the video taken from a nearby building’s surveillance cameras, one moment the truck-draggable eatery was there, then there was a massive fireball, then, just rubble.


Incredibly, there were no injuries from the just-before 8 a.m. explosion, though surrounding buildings sustained some damage, and the whole neighborhood heard and felt the massive explosion.

The food cart posted a picture on their Facebook page showing the aftermath:

Illustration for article titled In Case Youve Ever Wanted to Watch a Food Truck Explode Out of Existence, Here You Go

The owner of Buck Buck, Mikey Lawrence, woke up to calls and texts informing him that his food cart exploded, and had this to say:

“I live close by so I rode over, waited for the train to pass and then saw it. And I said, ‘Holy moly.’ Well, it wasn’t as nice as ‘Holy moly,’ but it was quite a shock.”

Yeah, that would be quite a shock.


Fire officials suspect a faulty propane tank was to blame, but no official explanation has been given at this time.

I bet the explosion smelled delicious, though.

(Noticed by our pals at BoingBoing!)

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I thought only Taco Bell served explosive food.