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Impounded! German Road Block and Autobahn Police Escort to Airport

Illustration for article titled Impounded! German Road Block and Autobahn Police Escort to Airport

Herr Alex Roy and the team that is not really Poliizei was first to meet actual German Police, who welcomed all Gumballers with a strategically placed road block - complete with floodlights and helicopters. The German Police then handed out legal documents informing the Gumballers that their race was illegal, and impounded all vehicles overnight. A free ten-police-cars-per-Gumballer escort down the autobahn to the airport was provided this morning to insure the racers made it out of Germany and onto Istanbul. Our man Davey is now on the ground in Istanbul and assures us that that it will be a long way back to around Germany later this week.


Gumball 3000: Team Polizei First to Chunnel! [Internal]

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Good to see Germany upholding its reputation as a nation of humourless fascists. How particularly petty to allow the cars to drive practically all the way to their destination before pulling them in.

Seems like this has put paid to Team Polizei's London-Istanbul land-speed channel — the GPS tracking shows them at the airlift:…