I'm Talking To A Roomful Of Automotive Engineers Today

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If you’re an automotive engineer, or just someone good at sneaking into convention centers, I’d like to cordially invite you to hear me blather on in front of a huge projection of slides! I’m talking today at the Society of Automotive Engineers’ World Congress at the Cobo Center in Detroit. Come and heckle me!


My talk is called Still Driving and Still Here: The Future of Gearheads Among The Robots and it’s generally about cars and car culture adapting to the coming age of autonomous cars. Mostly. Also, I promised to try and not use so much profanity.

If you’re at the conference, I’m going up at 1 p.m. followed by the amazing Alex Roy. I’m speaking in something they’re calling the Tech Hub, which, from the drawings I’ve seen, looks like some kind of colossal human terrarium.

The talks will be recorded, so as soon as I have a link to the video, I’ll make it available in case, improbably, anyone wants to see it.

If you’re at the conference and you see me (I’ll be the one with his arm or head caught in something, probably) come and say hello! Oh, and please, no stabbings or attempted stabbings until after my talk.

I’m excited. I better get over there, already.

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Just a note: This is the building where Nancy Kerrigan got her knee whacked. (So the worry is not stabbings. It is whackings.)