I'm Honestly Shocked the 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition Starts Under $90,000

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Back when the 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition was announced, we just automatically assumed Toyota would take this opportunity to charge a ton of money for what’s basically a cosmetic package, we guess for a sticker price over $90,000. We were wrong!

While the initial pricing was announced by Cars Direct earlier today, reportedly according to a manufacturer’s ordering guide, a Toyota spokesperson confirmed a different MSRP for the new Heritage Edition to Jalopnik. The Heritage Edition has a base price of $87,645, which factored with a processing and handling charge of $1,325 comes out to $88,970.


So yes, my colleague Andrew Collins was wrong to assume that this special edition would cost a ridiculous price over $90,000. It simply costs only about $89,000 instead.

The structure of this Land Cruiser is the same as all the rest, but the Heritage Edition celebrates the 60th anniversary of the model with some cosmetic changes. It comes with no third-row seat, an option of just two colors—Blizzard Pearl, which is a white, or Midnight Black Metallic, copper 18-inch BBS wheels, darkened and blackened accents around the grille, and the all-too-important vintage Land Cruiser badges we fell in love with when this special edition was announced.


It also loses its external running boards and gets a bronze-accented black interior. It honestly kind of reminds me of those old black Lexus SUVs with the gold emblems. I liked those.

For such a (relatively) small premium over the standard Land Cruiser, the 2019 model of which starts at $85,165 before any fees, I’d say it’s worth the few extra grand for the cool badges alone. I don’t care how ancient this thing is.


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