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I'm Heading to Shanghai Soon, What Kind of Cool Car Stuff Should I Do?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

My colleagues, the same ones who put me on the back of a racing motorcycle on a Formula One track for giggles (spoiler: not dead), have decided to send me to Shanghai to race cars with Chinese car company and Volvo owner Geely on yet another F1 track. At least I’ll be in control of the vehicle this time around.

(Full disclosure: Geely’s flying me to China and lodging me there in order to race its race-modified Emgrand GL at Shanghai International Circuit. They asked for my blood type, just in case. Everything should be fine.)


They brought up a good point about all of this, though: I, a person who works from home and almost never leaves home, am about to hop on a plane in Texas and hop out about 20 hours later in a country I’ve never been to before. Heck, I’ve never even been on that side of the world.


That being said, if you’re from there or are familiar with the area, what kind of cool car stuff happens in Shanghai? Are there any things particular to the area, like, say, the stuff we do about local short-track racing and ghost tracks in the U.S.? What kind of stuff do I need to see in the short time I’m there, if I’m able to sneak away from the track for a bit to see it?

Your suggestions are appreciated, as are your hopes and prayers that I don’t send a car into a wall.