I'm Already Too Attached To These Awesome College Student Car Design Study Concepts

Image via Ralph Gilles on Instagram

I’ve always been excited at the prospect of a concept car or design study. Heck, I was excited when Ford revealed the new Fiesta a few weeks ago. There’s just something about the reveal of a new look that’s fun, and what Fiat Chrysler has these college students working on is what I’m all about. 

FCA Global Head of Design Ralph Gilles recently posted a bunch of beautiful car design from his visit to the ArtCenter College of Design, where students had been working on various concept designs for Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Jeep and even Mercedes and Lexus.


My mind is still stuck on the beautiful Alfa Romeo 4C film from this week’s episode of The Grand Tour, so we’re going to start with these gorgous Alfa designs:


That last design, as described alongside the photo, is a modern take on the GTV coupe, and I’m obsessed.

Image via Hemmings

The other designs from the students included this wild Jeep concept:


And some “very provocative” Maserati concepts, indeed:


That last one reminds me of Anakin’s racer pod from Star Wars: Episode I and I’m not even mad.


Of course none of these are real, but these awesome designs and their studious designers are most certainly real. We should all be hoping that they’ll soon be designing real Alfas and Maseratis and Jeeps for us.

In a world of ever-growing sameness and lameness, I’d like to motion to give the future to these kids.

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