I'm About To Drive The 750 Horsepower All-Electric Porsche Taycan; What Do You Want To Know?

If you read my technical deep-dive, then you may know more than you’ve ever wanted to about the 800-volt, all-electric 2020 Porsche Taycanarguably the first true Tesla Model S competitor. But I couldn’t cover everything in that explainer, since I hadn’t actually driven the car. That changes this week, so if there’s something more you want to understand about this 2.6-second-to-60 mph beast, now’s the time to speak up.

I’m flying to Denmark to blast through the countryside in a 750 horsepower Porsche Taycan, hopefully without getting arrested (To be clear, this is a joke; I don’t mess around on public roads). This means you can expect to read some driving impressions soon, though to help frame those impressions around things you want to learn, please hit me in the comments with your curiosities about this new electric sports sedan from Stuttgart.


I myself am most interested in feeling the car execute a one-two shift in its rear two-speed transmission. “How seamless will that feel?” I’ve been wondering for weeks now.

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