I'll Buy That For A Dollar! Craigslist Price Liars: Saints Or Slimeballs?

We had quite the spirited discussion over Craigslist keyword spammers yesterday, and several commenters mentioned the all-too-common car-seller practice of listing a super-deal price in the title and a far higher one buried in the fine print. This is particularly troublesome for, say, someone searching for Project Car Hell entrants or- even more maddening- for potential 24 Hours Of LeMons cars. You'll see plenty of $1 vehicles on Craigslist, but it's pretty easy to avoid them by specifying a $50 or $100 minimum in your search. The real hassle comes when your search results get clogged up with sellers who price their $4,000 cars at $400, or list their cars at the monthly cost of taking over the lease payments. But hey, maybe Craigslist Price Liars are doing us a service, by freeing us from the stifling constraints of self-imposed cheapskate budgets. What do you think?

And remember, folks, including the URLs of particularly annoying Craigslist Price Liar listings in your comments is a surefire way to have them flagged into oblivion by like-minded Craigslist vigilantes… and those of you who want to go the extra mile can simply do a search in your local CL Cars For Sale category for all $1 ads and flag 'em all!


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