If You're Driving Fast On A Public Road, Is That Reckless?

Trying to lap Manhattan as fast as possible is a very bad idea for a number of reasons. Even going at moderate speeds is dangerous and any sustained high-speed driving in Manhattan is asking for serious trouble. But is all high-speed public-roads driving reckless?

The question comes from Spieg'd Lines by Spiegel Thicke, who wrote this after seeing the NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly announce he's going after Afroduck.


Afroduck defended his run, stating in our interview, "being a fast driver doesn't mean that you're inherently a bad or reckless driver."


I don't have a clear answer to this question. I am extremely apprehensive about driving quickly on open roads because I don't know if there's a broken down car, or a bicyclist, or whatever on the other side of a blind crest (like the one pictured above). On the other hand, I watched Afroduck's video, and it seemed like there were many other drivers you could see from the dashcam who were driving worse than Afroduck was.


I feel like I solved this question for myself by buying a car that is just as much fun at 25 miles an hour as some sports cars are at 80. How do you see the issue? Is there a right way and a wrong way to enjoy the open road? At what point does driving become reckless? All your opinions and stories are welcome.

Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove

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