If You Wreck A Porsche GT2 At The 'Ring, You're Gonna Have A Bad Time

We recently saw a driver amazingly save his Porsche 911 GT2 RS from a huge crash at the Nürburgring. Well, this Porsche GT2 driver wasn't so lucky.


The driver who crashed this yellow GT2 was unlucky, but his passenger was extremely lucky for escaping the crash with his life. The passenger's airway was restricted by the collapsed roof, reports Bridge to Gantry. Without the help of other drivers, the passenger could have died.

From a following car we can see as this yellow GT2 slides off the track through the grass and dirt, and into the armco. It doesn't just roll, the car flips midair.

The GT2 driver lost it right after he caught air off of Flugplatz. The crash was severe enough to tear a wheel from the car.

Here you can see more images of the car after the crash.

I recommend you see more pictures of the damage at Bridge to Gantry. I don't want you to look at them for some kind of schadenfreude, but so that you can wee what can go wrong when you thrash a 523 horsepower car at the track without a roll cage and a harness.

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