Selling a car privately can be a royal pain. With all of the dumb questions and low ballers it’s no wonder so many people just trade their old ride to the dealership. But if you have resorted to essentially yelling at your potential buyers, maybe private sales is not for you.

One of our readers sent in this Craigslist ad that he says has appeared over and over again for several months. Each iteration has just added more capital letters.


Clearly, the stipulations and the implied aggressiveness are likely the result of dealing with potential buyers who either weren’t serious or possibly scammers looking for a quick buck. I can sympathize with this owner, I tried and failed to sell a car on Craigslist, but I recognize that most people can manage these transactions successfully.

However, it is entirely possible that a serious buyer with cash in hand would be willing to purchase this first generation Audi TT, but they may not be able to adhere to these stipulations like “not asking questions” and “showing up the same day.”


It’s a good position to be in when you don’t have to sell your car, but it’s okay to admit that you don’t really want to sell it either.

(H/T to Gabe!)