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If We Were Filthy Rich We’d Hoon A $3 Million 1930s Alfa Romeo

Multimillion-dollar classic cars like this 1930s Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza almost always are hidden away in climate-controlled garages. Not this one.


This one goes sideways through the gravel, like a real race car should.

This is the Ulster Vintage Car Club (UVCC)'s meet at Shane's Castle back in 2009. They regularly hoon near-priceless classics like this (an Alfa 2300 Monza recently went for $6.7M, but most sell for around $3M), and you should look them up.


(Hat tip to BiTurbo228!)

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I imagine if you had a proper machine shop, most parts you could make/manufacture to replace parts that might get dented or broke, it's not like these cars are that technologically advanced.. But I would totally hoon one of those things.