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"If I die, I wanna go in a hurry"

What draws us in to Speedweek at the Bonneville Salt Flats isn't just the how fast the cars go, it's the whole presence of the salt and the people who make the pilgrimage there. Kelly Loudenberg and Arianna LaPenne took their cameras to Speedweek back in 2010 and made this short film, "Nebulous Theorem," that captures some of the wilderness wrapped up in the cars, the people, and the landscape.


Though the salt flats themselves seem ready to swallow up the small dots of humans and cars out in Utah, it is Jack Costella, a multi-record holder and designer of land speed racers, who is the centerpiece of the video. It's his philosophies that stretch out over the otherworldy machines, and it's his personality that makes the whole scene so alive. It's a great film, one of our favorites shot about Speedweek.

See more of Kelly Loudenberg's material at her website as well as Arianna LaPenne's at her website

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filth Farker

I went to Speed Week. I didn't meet anyone even 1/10th as annoying as that guy.