Listen: I love doing donuts. Lord knows I love me some donuts, man! I look at a vacant parking lot with no law enforcement around not as a blight on the landscape, but as an opportunity for fun. A playground, if you will.

But one place where donuts are never acceptable is the highway, in the middle of the day, when other drivers are just trying to get to and fro. Unfortunately, that's exactly what this group of hoons did in California did recently. Best of all, they filmed it and put the video on Facebook.

The video, appropriately titled "Out here shuttin shit down," shows some Mustangs, a Camaro and 240SX doing some spins on the highway. Until someone announces that the Five-Oh are comin', and then they all clear out.

Yeah. That just happened. And you can watch the video below.

[UPDATE:] The police and 4chan are now trying to track down those involved. All the incriminating video and Facebook presence is making it easy.


Hat tip to jcool_83!