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The Cops And 4chan Are Chasing The Idiots Who Shut Down An Oakland Highway For Donuts

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

No one seemed terribly happy with the guys who stopped traffic on an Oakland highway and then posted a video of it to Facebook, least of all the real police and the Internet police, both of whom are trying to track down the people involved.


As you can see, the original Facebook video has been pulled, although another version survives on YouTube. But now the California Highway Patrol is investigating the incident, according to The Oakland Tribune. A CHP spokeswoman told they paper that investigators are gathering information and contacting witnesses.

Meanwhile, some Internet vigilantes over at 4chan say they're working to identify the drivers as well.


It seems that quite a few 4chan members are intent on tracking these guys down, as they have done in the past. Here's what one anonymous user posted:

This gon be good. We haven't one of these things since that indian kid tried to extort that asian kid.

Whatever that means.


Any thoughts on what should happen to these guys?