Idiotic Fight Over South LA Parking Space Devolves Into Demolition Derby

Civilization works remarkably well for keeping our huge, dense populations humming along smoothly. Of course, sometimes the veneer of civility can wear thin, and that’s when you end up with insanely stupid shit like this: a fight over a parking space that turns into vehicular carnage.

According to Los Angeles TV station ABC7, the incident started in a South LA parking lot, where two women were fighting over a parking spot. Video taken at the scene shows one woman on the ground, taking some beatings from a standing woman.


The video then cuts, and the formerly-prone woman is now behind the wheel of her Toyota RAV4, ready to exact some revenge and crank the batshit of the event up to 12. Because physically fighting over a fucking parking spot is already an 11 on the batshitometer.

Here’s the video:

Holy shit, right? The RAV4 rams the BMW X3 over and over, breaking the passenger door hinges and all sorts of other damage. It also appears that the RAV4 driver is charging at some of the people in the parking lot, too, including the pink-topped punching lady.

It’s a cramped lot to hold an SUV cage match in, and eventually the action spills out into the street, as the BMW attempts to flee. The RAV4 ends the brawl by running over a hydrant, sending a geyser of water into the air, water that’s sadly not enough to wash away all the miserable violence and stupidity shown here.


That RAV4 is pretty much a new car! Ramming other cars doesn’t magically keep your car unharmed just because you’re mad and crazy; nobody is winning here.

It’s a fucking parking space! Sure, we don’t get to see what led to the initial physical fight, but this, all of this, is just madness. When your aggression takes over to a degree that you’re going to lay hands on a person over a parking space, or use your car as a self-destructive weapon, you’ve temporarily left civilization. Nobody should act like this.


Also, I’m surprised we didn’t see any airbags deploy. Do new RAV4s have a RAMPAGE (RAVPAGE?) mode that keeps the airbags from getting in the way of your destruction?

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