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Idiot Stunt Drivers Give Amazing Explanation For Their Idiot Stunt

The stunt is simple: take one heavy-duty Peugeot wagon and jump it in the desert. The stunt drivers: perfectly prepared for the task at hand.


"I feel, I feel privileged," the first guy bullshits in his best Werner Herzog impression, "that I will be the driver of this insane stunt. And I feel that it is important for the world know that I am proud of what I do for my living."

"So we have the driver and he's gonna drive," the second guy explains in mock strine. "Until we are airborne, I will take full control over the plane, and I'll crash it right down, so the front will like, hit the, yeah, and then we hope we'll survive. Not quite sure, I, it's the first time I'm airborne. So we hope it go ok, eh?"


A quick adjustment of the motorcycle helmet and then they are away into the history books.

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Where the hell does this take place? These guys sound South African, but the Pug is LHD.