Our last Mystery Car/Little Tree Schwag contest had a winner in the first .006 seconds, in spite of only 337 examples of the Toyota 2000GT ever being manufactured. Oh yes, our readers know their cars, no doubt about it. But how about car innards? How about taking a shot at identifying a car using a blurry photograph of its innards scattered across a sheet of plywood? We're not fooling ourselves here- one of you is already jumping up and down and yelling "Ooooh! Oooh!" at this point, but at least we're trying something different.

Fine, you may say, but what's the payoff? Why, nothing less than a selection of Little Tree Schwag, of which I still have plenty (thanks to our helpful ideas for new products that we provided to the Car-Freshner R&D folks a while back). You get a T-shirt, a keychain, some air fresheners, a baseball cap, and some perfect-for-any-occasion Little Tree greeting cards!

We'll give you a hint: the photograph depicts a "make one good one from two bad ones" junkyard-based adventure, and the units in question were used in a fairly narrow make/model/year range. Another hint: that car tantalizing you in the background is not the car with which these parts are associated, so don't go crazy trying to identify it. And, yes, there are some distinguishing features that make this a non-impossible task! You guess the manufacturer, the vehicle, and any year within the correct range, and the Schwag is yours!